Matthew Albert Miles ~ American Impressionist
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Matthew Albert Miles - Biography
Matthew A. Miles

"Matthew Albert Miles' paintings and prints are created by an immensely gifted contemporary painter whose work reminds us that art can still uplift the spirit and fill our days with beauty."

Ed McCormack, Artspeak.

Matthew Albert Miglio, known in the art world as Miles, lives and works in a Studio-Gallery Loft in the Chelsea Flower District of New York City. His talents have been carefully nurtured over a quarter of a century. Even as a child, he displayed a love of drawing and painting which never left him, even during his diverse young adulthood which included military service as a combat infantryman in Europe and Japan. Miles studied at colleges in his native Pennsylvania, as well as in Colorado and Wyoming. He studied art at the Art Students League in New York City under the tutelage of Frank J. Reilly. But the necessity of supporting a young family saw Miles turn to a business career. And while it proved successful, he ultimately realized the importance of fulfilling his life-long ambition to return to his "fine art" career.

Years of study in the United States and abroad have resulted in a disciplined body of work. Miles has a rare and special talent which allows him to transform his visions of our surroundings into an artistic celebration. He is dedicated to preserving the beauty of the countryside as well as the city, thus his brush has discovered the wonder and delight of each.

And while Miles is inspired by the gentle subtleties of renowned impressionists, he brings an individuality to his work which is expressed in a technical strength and in the mastery of a broad palette of color. He has been called "a great colorist," displaying a sensitivity that is beautifully reflected in an extraordinary color sense and juxtaposition of tonal values.

Having firmly established his success, he is represented in many major cities and is part of important collections throughout the United States and Europe.